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Ashcroft and the Association Method
Paul Corrigan

Bear Left has learned that the American Journal of Psychology, under pressure from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bush administration, has decided not to publish a story based on records obtained of Attorney General John Ashcroft's psychological profile. The profile was assembled in December 2000, during the vetting process for prospective members of president-elect Bush's cabinet. Bear Left, after consultation with counsel, has decided that the public has a right to this information. Mr. Ashcroft's responses to the "Jung Word Association Formulary" follow in their original form.

Jung Word Association Formulary
Test Person Response
Test Person: Ashcroft, John
Social Security Number: [redacted]
Test Giver: Dr. I. M. Wang

Instruction: Answer as quickly as possible the first word that occurs to your mind.

Recording Sheet

Stimulus WordResponse
1. head1. dirty thoughts
2. green2. dirty money
3. water3. dirty dishes
4. music4. dirty lyrics
5. enemy5. dirty bombs
6. teenager6. dirty mind
7. print7. dirty books
8. to pay8. dirty sex
9. sleep9. dirty dreams
10. friendly10. dirty old man
11. garden11. dirty hands
12. talk12. dirty words
13. cold13. dirty deed
14. clothes14. dirty laundry
15. to move15. dirty dancing
16. movie16. dirty harry
17. war movie17. dirty dozen
18. child18. dirty face
19. pet19. dirty dog
20. liberal20. dirty rotten
21. telephone21. dirty talk
22. blue collar22. dirty work
23. me23. dirty secrets
24. politics24. dirty tricks
25. laugh25. dirty joke
26. honeymoon26. quick and dirty
27. magazine27. dirty pictures
28. bed28. dirty linen
29. eyes29. dirty looks
30. mom30. dirty girl

Test giver stops test. All responses immediate.

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