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These links should open up a mail program that will sign up (or remove) your current e-mail address for our mailing list. We have yet to exceed two messages per week, and only the moderator can send material to the list. (In other words, the mailing list is impossible to spam. If you want to sign up a different e-mail account, then you will need either to access this page from that account, or send e-mail to tim [at-sign], explaining your predicament.

If the links above don't work for you, then try the following. Send an email to
The subject should be blank. The body of the message should be either
subscribe leftlist me
unsubscribe leftlist me

That's it. (You can use your real name in place of "me" but it's not worth the bother. Of course, if you have any problems, send an e-mail to tim [at-sign]

Important: If you get a confirmatory e-mail from, then you are all set. If that e-mail does not arrive within an hour or so, then something has probably gone wrong. In that case, e-mail tim [at-sign] an explanation of what you want to do.

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