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Welcome to Bear Left! We started this on the Ides of March, 2001 not out of some heightened sense of irony, but because we finally got our act together! Enjoy!

This is not a commercial venture. We do not and will not have the trappings of commercial sites: banner ads or sponsors. (The site costs us about $15 per month. Who wants to sell out when $15 buys you complete creative control?) We work on this site in our free time. Because we have day jobs (see our links about wage slavery), our free time is limited, so we work on a weekly basis.

We started this website because we felt that the world needed another independent left-leaning web sites about ideas and politics. We live in the United States, so American politics will sometimes dominate the site, but we strive not to be provincial.

We will try avoid some of the scourges of the Internet. We will not issue cookies--they are annoying at best and intrusive at worst. We will not have large graphics files--we are writers, not artists. Besides, graphics files take forever on our old creaky modems. We will not use Javascript on our site—we figure that you shouldn't have to worry about what a web site might be running on your computer.

If you have any questions that we have not addressed, please let either Paul or Tim know.

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