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Breach of Promise
Paul Corrigan

History will find the Bush/Cheney presidential campaign guilty of breach of promise. The campaign induced American citizens to cast their votes in return for promises Bush and Cheney never intended to keep. The sum and substance of the campaign was deception. It was both dishonest and fraudulent. It hid its real agenda. Americans were duped. Many remain in denial.

The truth must be told. The American electorate is now pregnant, carrying the Bush/Cheney administration for a four year term. It is indeed a painful labor. Smitten by false promises, American citizens passed unto Bush/Cheney a dowry of peace and prosperity. In one short year that dowry has been ransacked. In its place America is burdened with deficits and war. It is not a winnable war, but an everlasting war that requires Americans to change their culture. The surplus that Americans were told would support the largest tax cut in our nation's history has disappeared. Bush, Cheney, and their corporate partners have come into our homes to threaten us and steal away with our retirement savings and peace of mind. Ask not what the administration can do for you, ask what you can do for the administration. The Bush/Cheney campaign was a classic bait and switch.

In any fair and impartial court, Bush/Cheney would be convicted for trespassing, theft and breach of promise. It is in public interest to declare such acts as criminal in order to safeguard the interest of the citizens so deceived, and continue to be deceived, by their willingness to respond to the call of patriotism. Bush and Cheney have roused nationalistic and patriotic fervor to entrench their power and agenda. International discourse once again includes the terms "dead or alive," "crusade," and "axis of evil." They have soiled democracy, looted the treasury, and stoked international flames.

Officials elected to the highest offices in our land own a duty of care and loyalty to our nation and to its citizens. The national interest and patriotic sentiments of American voters must be protected. Commitments must be honored. Not even the president is above the law.

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