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The Surprise Party
Paul Corrigan

It is time for the Republican Party to change its name. I nominate "Surprise Party" as the new moniker. Americans walked over the bridge to the twenty-first century to a great big surprise. Peace and prosperity are lost. In their place are insecurity, economic recession, and eroding civil liberties, health, education, welfare, and environment. Is this what a minority of Americans voted for last November?

If my memory serves me correct, the Bush-Cheney campaign slogan was not "No Pain, No Gain." Bush-Cheney told us that they were more experienced, that Gore was a liar, and that Clinton was a fraud. Bush-Cheney promised to run the country like a corporation. Instead, they are running the country like a Texas high school football program. It is our team against the bad guys. Rhetoric reigns supreme. Loyalty is our duty. America is draped in symbols. The coach is omnipresent on television, while he keeps one eye on the polls. The president should pay attention to the real score.

National Security

Americans are less secure than they were one year ago.

The Economy

Americans are less secure in their economic position than they were one year ago.

Health, Education, Welfare, and the Environment

Americans are less secure about their healthcare, the education and welfare of their children and the quality of their environment than they were one year ago.

Freedom and Civil Liberty

Americans have less freedom and less liberty than they did one year ago.

Like his father, this president Bush is in for his own surprise. Coaches are held responsible for the record of their teams. Polls go up and polls go down. In politics, like football, we keep score.

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