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Fact of the Week

Fact of the Week

One of George Bush's supposed strengths as a presidential candidate was his rapport with Mexican president Vicente Fox. According to the New York Times, Mexico will snub the United States and join France in supporting military action in Iraq only if Iraq prevents weapons inspections. Furthermore, Mexico and the United States remain at odds on issues of trade and migration.

Sources: New York Times, 28 October 2002; Daily Kos weblog, 28 October 2002.

This week's columns

When is Free Speech Not Free?
Paul Corrigan

When is free speech not free? When it tells a powerful truth that challenges Andrew Sullivan or the rest of the status quo.

That 80s Show
Tim Francis-Wright

The Bush administration has within its ranks two men whose actions to subvert democracy in Central America in the 1980s should have rendered them forever unfit for public service.

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