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Fact of the Week

Fact of the Week

When Jane Welch filed for divorce recently against Jack Welch, the erstwhile Chief Executive Officer of General Electric, one document that her lawyers included was a color-coded chart of all of the perks that Welch retained, even in retirement. In addition to the healthy salary he still earns (not to mention the hundreds of millions of dollars of stock that he holds), he receives a host of other benefits. The perks include almost any imaginable expense related to their New York apartment, from capital expenditures and real estate taxes down to such quotidian needs as free toiletries, helicopter service, newspapers, flowers, groceries, and wine. What use are the good things that GE brings to life if you have to pay for any of them?

Source: The Smoking Gun.

This week's columns

The Name Game
Paul Corrigan

This past week, the Bush administration and the president of Harvard University reverted to name-calling in lieu of leadership.

War Fever
Tim Francis-Wright

Remember the Maine? The missile gap? The Gulf of Tonkin? The passion of those clamoring for war does not always mean that their cause is wise, just, or sound.

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