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Fact of the Week

Fact of the Week

Last month, the United States formally withdrew from the ABM Treaty and started construction on an anti-missile battery in Alaska. Data from the Brookings Institution and the Center for Defense Information point to the fiscal sinkhole that has been the real end result of missile defense over the years. Through 1983, ballistic missile defense cost some $34 billion, including an operational system in North Dakota that was so obsolete when finished that the Pentagon shut it down after four months. Since 1983, the United States has spent $95 billion on ballistic missile defense, including about $44 billion on a national defense system.

Sources: Brookings Institution Nuclear Weapons Cost Project; Center for Defense Information Issue Brief.

This week's columns

Tax Cuts on Stolen Money
Paul Corrigan

George Bush and Dick Cheney have delivered on their major campaign promise, "Tax Cuts on Stolen Money." Of course, they did not put their promise in such simple and honest terms but that is, in effect, what they promised and what they have delivered.

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Upper Class Warfare
Tim Francis-Wright

A class war is brewing in America, but it is not the kind that Marx would have predicted.

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