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Fact of the Week

Facts of the Week

What do all but three Members of Congress not want to tell you?

  • The Pledge of Allegiance originally did not include the words "under God."
  • The Pledge was written by a socialist and ordained Baptist minister, Francis Bellamy.
  • The addition of "under God" came in 1954 after a campaign by the Knights of Columbus, a lay group of the Catholic Church.

Which is more important for Congress? Being "under God," or being indivisible? Being "under God" or promoting universal freedom and justice? Apparently, to both questions, the former.

Sources: USFlag.org; American Civil Liberties Union.

This week's columns

Evolution of Greed
Paul Corrigan

As human beings, our greatest evolutionary threat are the bacteria that become resistant to our drugs. As Americans, our greatest economic threat also comes from within.

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How to be a Philanthropist Without Really Trying
Tim Francis-Wright

When Andrew Fastow fleeced Enron out of over $4 million, he managed to set up a foundation with the money, giving himself a big tax break and making him look magnaminous. What a country.

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