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Fact of the Week

Fact of the Week

It's official. The closest thing to a truly permanent campaign, the 1984 Reagan-Bush committee, has finally stopped. Some campaigns live on (like John Glenn's failed bid for the 1984 Democratic nomination) because they have debts that need repayment. The 1984 Reagan-Bush campaign had no such outstanding debts. Instead, it had a fair amount of money. For years, Angela "Bay" Buchanan (yes, the sister of Pat Buchanan) invested the campaign's surplus in long-term investments and paid herself "consulting fees" for her invaluable advice, until the Associated Press caught her at it.

Finally, Angela Buchanan has realized that there are other places for that money, places that presumably don't pay her any consulting fees.

Sources: Associated Press, 29 January 2000;
Federal Election Commission report for 15 April 2002.

This week's columns

In Critique of Pure Tolerance
Paul Corrigan

The government was right to try to protect individuals against parts of the Internet, but wrong to mandate that protection as law.

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First Principle
Tim Francis-Wright

Any peaceful solution to the conflict in Israel and Palestine must include the right of both states to exist.

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