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Fact of the Week

Fact of the Week

According to Citizens for Tax Justice, which maintains a model that shows how the American tax structure affects taxpayers across the income spectrum, 34 million taxpayers will get no rebate at all this year. However, 2 million upper-income taxpayers who are not supposed to benefit from the new 10% tax bracket will get rebate checks anyway.

Source: Citizens for Tax Justice.

Links to the best of the Left on the web

Our Picks for Links of the Week: 3 June2001

  1. Fuming: The honeymoon between the Bush administration and the press may have ended (Ryan Lizza, New Republic Online).
  2. Links to the best of the Left on the web

    This Week's Links:

    1. Trying Times: can an executive from Cisco Systems inject new life into a struggling left-wing journal? (Danielle Svetcov, Chicago Tribune)
    2. Clean Elections at Stake: Will the Massachusetts Democratic Party renege on a commitment to real campaign finance reform? (Micah Safry, The Nation Online)
    3. Citizen Kane on Steroids: In Italy, when Berlusconi won, democracy lost (Martin Lee, In These Times).
    4. Hug Your Customer: As much as they might try, multinational corporations can never really be our good friends (Naomi Klein, The Guardian).
    5. Surprise Party: The movie Pearl Harbor ignores how colonialism had a large role in starting the Pacific War (Mickey Z., ZNet, via OnlineJournal.com)

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