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Fact of the Week

In 2000, the average chief executive officer at the largest American companies received compensation of $13.1 million. In 1990, that figure was $2.0 million. To keep pace, the average 1990 minimum wage of $3.69 ($3.35 until 1 April, and $3.80 thereafter) would need to increase to $20.48.

Sources: Business Week surveys from 2001 and 1999, Department of Labor statistics.

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Our Picks for Links of the Week: 20 May 2001

  1. O'Neill Lays Out Radical Vision for Tax: Pity the American corporations! Our Treasury Secretary wants them to be exempt from taxation (Amity Shlaes, Financial Times).
  2. Ethnic Similarity Aids Iowa, Dorr Says: Thomas Dorr, the Bush nominee for the head of the Rural Development program, credits European stock for the success of three Iowa counties (George Anthan, Des Moines Register).
  3. Shelter Girls Easy Prey: Lax security and a lousy location have turned Atlanta's emergency girls' shelter into a recruiting ground for pimps (Jane Hansen, Atlanta Journal-Constitution).
  4. A Perfect Storm?: President Bush is not responsible for the domestic and international crises facing the United States. But he is responsible for managing these situations, and that is worrysome (Thomas Friedman, New York Times).
  5. Jesse's Dangerous Game: Debunking Jesse Ventura's claim that he was a Navy SEAL in Vietnam (Bill Salisbury, Cursor.org).
  6. Can Insiders Be Outsiders?: The short-term political interest of the Democratic Congressional leadership is at odds with the long-term project of rebuilding a vibrant party (Robert Kuttner, The American Prospect).
  7. Timothy McVeigh is a Symbol of an Enduring Commitment to Violent Retribution: Vengeance is the one honest explanation for the death penalty (Fergal Keane, The Independent).
  8. Indian Headcount Soars in America: Immigrants from India now make up the third-largest Asian immigrant group in the United States (Chidanand Rajghatta, Times of India)

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