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Our Picks for Links of the Week: 13 May 2001

  1. The Oklahoma Conspiracy: Timothy McVeigh claims to have acted alone. but new evidence reveals he was part of an undergound network of white supremacists (Andrew Gumbel, The Independent).
  2. Algeria: Big Deal in the Desert?: Algeria might have tried to build a nuclear bomb in the 1980s, or it might be trying to build one now (David Albright and Corey Hinderstein, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists).
  3. Is GE Mightier than the Hudson?: For 25 years, General Electric has dodged its responsibility for cleaning up the upper Hudson River, the biggest toxic site on the Superfund list of the Environmental Protection Agency (Richard Pollak, The Nation).
  4. Do Windmills Eat Birds? Foxes Advocate Hen Welfare: Ever since wind power emerged as a viable alternative to fossil-fuel power, some very unlikely bird lovers have emerged (David Case, TomPaine.com)
  5. Behind the Organic-Industrial Complex: How multinationals are industrializing organic food (Michael Pollan, New York Times Magazine).

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