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Our Picks for Links of the Week: 6 May 2001

  1. The Shameful Context of Kerrey's Killings: The United States as a whole should feel guilty about Vietnam (James Carroll, Boston Globe via Common Dreams News Center).
  2. Colin Powell's Vietnam Fog: Bob Kerrey is not the only famous Vietnam War veteran who still struggles to get his story straight (David Corn, The Nation Online).
  3. More Missing Pages: Two missing pages kept the House from passing a budget, but there is more missing than that (Paul Krugman, New York Times).
  4. Death is Now the Only Certainty: Will George Bush allow the world's tax cheats to laugh all the way to the offshore bank? (Will Hutton, London Observer).
  5. Ballistic Missile Defense: Everything you wanted to know about Star Wars, Episode II (Federation of American Scientists).
  6. Executive Compensation: Everything you need to know about executive pay at America's largest companies (New York Times).
  7. Live from N.Y.: Security Cam Hams: The best way to combat proliferating security cameras may be good old-fashioned street theater (Julia Scheeres, Wired).

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