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Our Picks for Links of the Week: 29 April 2001

Here, in no particular order, are our nominees for links of the week:

  1. How Kilowatt Socialism Saved L.A. from the Energy Crisis: Both prudence and strong unions have kept Los Angeles insulated from the California power debacle (Jeff Stansbury, Los Angeles Times).
  2. After the American Century: If you've been dying to visit a Third World country, thanks to five men sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court, the Third World has come to you (Ted Rall, United Press Syndicate).
  3. Minimum Wage in the Millions: The CEO gravy train keeps rolling along (Holly Sklar, Inequality.org).
  4. Right-Wing Colleges Reject "God is an Abortionist" Ads: proof that the right wing's favorite colleges practice a more effective form of political correctness (David Mazel, Salon.com).
  5. Strom?: Republican control of the Senate depends on the health of a 98-year-old (Michael Crowley, The New Republic Online).
  6. Elmo Gets Wired: Say it isn't so! AOL gets product placement on Sesame Street (Gail Collins, New York Times).
  7. A Presidency of Dunces: One hundred days in office and what does George Bush have to show for it? It is a sorry record for America (Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian).
  8. Foil Bush's Maneuvers for Packing the Court: Democrats should block all Supreme Court nominations until the 2004 elections. It's legal and it has precendent (Bruce Ackerman, Los Angeles Times, via Common Dreams News Center).

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