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Our Picks for Links of the Week: 15 April 2001

Here, in no particular order, are our nominees for links of the week:

  1. Relief from the "Pre-Death Tax": Politicians wanting to help middle-income Americans should look at something much worse than the estate tax (Robert Kuttner, Boston Globe).
  2. The patriot: What separates American terrorist Timothy McVeigh from thousands of other gun-worshipping zealots? (Gary Kamiya, Salon.com).
  3. Centre for Media Alternatives of Quebec 2001: Independent Media Center's unofficial clearinghouse for news about the Quebec summit.
  4. A World without Microsoft: If you own a PC, you could have your own software factory. The consumers could own the means of production. There's also a doomsday scenario. (Heather Sharp, Red Pepper).
  5. Muddled in the Middle: The American heartland, which mostly voted for Bush, relies on the largesse of "big government" (Paul Krugman, New York Times).
  6. Check it out: Guess what Katherine Harris and Sander Sauls are doing in June? (Pam Parker, Online Journal)
  7. Cozy Deal sets up Big Casino Payout: How a former aide to Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson could collect a huge fee from a secret deal Thompson signed last year (Cary Spivak and Dan Bice, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel).

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