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Our Picks for Links of the Week: 1 April 2001

Here, in no particular order, are our nominees for links of the week:

  1. Presidential Election Links: Philip Agre's canonical list of URLs regarding the 2000 Presidential election.
  2. President George W Bush, Polluter of the Free World: Andrew Gumbel of the Independent likens the federal government to a giant smokestack industry.
  3. Bankrupt Democrats in the Senate: Common Dreams news center reports on the 36 senators who voted for the bankruptcy reform that was a gift to the credit card industry.
  4. My Nike Media Adventure: Jonah Peretti annotates some very informative e-mails he had with Nike (The Nation)
  5. The President Who Bought Power and Sold the World: George Bush has paid back the energy industries that backed him in 2000 (Ed Vuillamy, London Observer).
  6. The Conservative Cabal That's Transforming American Law: the Federalist Society, who they are, and why they are so important today ( Jerry Landay, Washington Monthly).
  7. Chemical Industry Archives: 37,000 internal documents that the chemical industry wishes were still secret (Environmental Working Group).

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