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Our Picks for Links of the Week: 25 March 2001

Here, in no particular order, are our nominees for links of the week:

  1. Rebel Redemption Redux: explodes the myth of the Confederate flag as neutral symbol (Joshua Michael Zeitz, Dissent)
  2. The Mother Jones 400: the 400 top contributors to federal campaigns in the last election cycle
  3. Stockman Returneth: the reporter who got to know David Stockman really well finds that today's tax debate is eerily reminiscent of one from 1981 (William Greider, The Nation)
  4. Recession Good, Tax Cuts for Rich People Better: doublethink as tax policy, from a land where business newspapers aren't always knee-jerk conservative (Gerard Baker, Financial Times)
  5. The Market for Clout: in which a billionaire exposes how badly money has corrupted American politics (Warren Buffett, WashingtonPost)
  6. Here's a Capital Idea: Make the Rich Pay Taxes!: the tax system shouldn't reward plutocrats for the sake of plutocracy (Nicholas von Hoffman, New York Observer)

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