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The latest news shows that over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers aren't as safe as you might think.
Did you know that:
  • 70 million people misuse OTCs by taking more than the recommended dosage1
  • OTCs and prescription pain relievers send over 100,000 people to the hospital each year2,3
  • Complications from OTCs can cause stomach ulcers and liver problems

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1. National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE). Interactive Survey, January 2002.
2. Includes both OTC and prescription NSAIDs.
3. Singh, Gurkipal and Rosen Ramey, Dena. NSAID Induced Gastrointestinal Complications: The ARAMIS Perspective - 1997. The Journal of Rheumatology, Vol. 25, Supplement 51. May 1998.
4. Does not include generic products. IMS America Ltd. National Prescription Audit Total Prescriptions. 8/1/00-3/31/03

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